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Kingdomly API and SDK Overview

Kingdomly’s APIs and SDK serve as a medium for developers and other services to interact with and build on top of our platform. With our vision of making Kingdomly a marketplace that is inclusive and accessible to every entity in the Web3 space, we are providing API endpoints that allow metadata fetching of ERC721 and ERC4907 tokens. In addition, our SDK grants builders who want to create or innovate on top of Kingdomly the ability to access the core elements of our marketplace such as the creation of listings, claiming of earnings, and other essential functionalities. We put our utmost diligence to make our services easy to use, so whether you are a Web2 or a Web3 developer, there will be no barrier high enough when it comes to integrating Kingdomly with other projects.
Our API and SDK are completely free to use and will always be accessible for use as long as all activities involving our services comply with our Terms of Service.
At the moment, our API and SDK are continuously developing and it is to be expected that we will expand the catalog of functionalities we offer in line with the Web3 ecosystem’s demands as Kingdomly grows alongside.


Read our API documentation here.


Get our SDK here.

Last modified 3mo ago