Getting started with NFT Creator

Intro to our no-code NFT launcher

Kingdomly Creator: Your No-Code NFT Launchpad

Welcome to Kingdomly Creator, a revolutionary no-code solution designed to make the process of creating and launching Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) seamless, even for those without a technical background. Our goal is to democratize access to the NFT space, empowering creators to focus on what they do best – create – while we handle the rest.

What Does Kingdomly Creator Do?

Kingdomly Creator manages a multitude of tasks that are often challenging for those new to the NFT world or those without coding knowledge. These tasks include:

  1. Asset Generation: We help you generate both one-of-a-kind NFTs and generative collections. Whether you're an artist wanting to mint a single unique piece or a creator looking to launch a large generative NFT collection, Kingdomly Creator has you covered.

  2. IPFS Creation and Uploading: We handle the creation and uploading of your NFT metadata and artwork to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a decentralized storage solution, ensuring that your NFTs are permanently and securely stored. (Dont know what any of that meant? Doesn't matter you don't have to with Kingdomly)

  3. Solidity Contract Generation: Kingdomly Creator takes care of generating the Solidity smart contracts that are essential for the minting and trading of your NFTs. This makes it possible for you to launch your NFTs without having to understand or write a single line of code.

  4. Mint Page Creation: Kingdomly's Mint Page Creation allows users to effortlessly create an enticing page for their NFT collection. Users can provide a captivating description, team profile, roadmap, and FAQ. Collectors can explore this information and easily mint the collection from this page.

How Is Kingdomly Creator Different?

We believe in empowering creators, not emptying their pockets. Unlike other platforms that charge creators high upfront fees, Kingdomly Creator operates on a buyer's fee model. This means that we only charge a nominal 3% fee from each buyer plus a $3 flat fee for each NFT minted. In essence, the cost is crowdsourced among the buyers, ensuring that creators can use our platform without having to pay outlandish prices.

With Kingdomly Creator, we're making the NFT creation process more accessible, affordable, and straightforward than ever before. So whether you're a seasoned artist or a creative novice, Kingdomly Creator is your go-to platform for launching your own NFTs.

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