Step 3: Mint!

Now let’s do the minting!

The minting panel will have all the necessary details that you need to know for you to read before you actually mint.

For the Demo, let’s mint from the Mint Group 1 which is the Public mint group.

We can choose the amount we want directly by clicking the current quantity and entering our desired amount. We can also just simply click the “-” and “+” buttons within the field to subtract from or add to the quantity of NFTs we want to mint.

Once decided, let’s just click the Mint Now button and proceed with the wallet interactions.

And voila! We now got our very own NFTs.

Delegate Mint

Delegated minting offers minters the ability to maintain ownership of their securely vaulted NFTs while delegating the minting process to a designated hot wallet.

When initiating delegated minting, users will encounter a straightforward process:

  1. Enter Your Cold Wallet Address: Upon clicking the designated button, you'll be prompted to provide your cold wallet address. This address represents the secure destination where the minted NFT will be transferred after the minting process is completed using your hot wallet.

  2. Proceed with Minting: Once you've supplied your cold wallet address, you can proceed with the minting process using your hot wallet address. This hot wallet, acting on your behalf, will execute the minting operation while ensuring that your vaulted NFTs remain safely within your possession.

By following these simple steps, minters can leverage the benefits of delegated minting, preserving the security of their vaulted NFTs while seamlessly minting new assets with the assistance of a designated hot wallet.

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