Getting Started with Kingdomly Mint

Kingdomly Mint: Elevating Your NFT Minting Experience

Welcome to Kingdomly Mint, your premier destination for NFT minting excellence! As the exclusive hub for all mainnet collections launched through Kingdomly Creator, we offer unparalleled convenience and affordability. Our platform is meticulously crafted with the vision of providing seamless and cost-effective minting experiences. Join us and unlock the gateway to a world of limitless creativity and opportunity

What Does Kingdomly Mint Do?

Kingdomly Mint is dedicated to providing users with a seamless and easy minting experience, but our platform offers much more than just that:

Project Spotlighting:

We shine a spotlight on current and upcoming NFT projects deserving of praise on our landing page, offering them increased exposure and recognition.

Partner Collections:

Collections featured on Kingdomly Mint receive special designation as "Partner Collections," signifying a direct affiliation with Kingdomly. These collections are distinguished by the Kingdomly badge on their thumbnails, ensuring their authenticity and legitimacy.

In contrast, "Community Collections" represent projects crafted by the broader public community. These collections embody the diverse creativity and ingenuity of individual creators and enthusiasts within the NFT space.

Allowlist Minting:

Participants included in the allowlist gain exclusive access to allowlist minting, often accompanied by discounts and special offers.

Delegate Minting:

Delegated minting introduces a flexible and secure approach to the NFT minting process, empowering minters to maintain ownership of their valuable NFTs while enabling a designated hot wallet to execute the minting operation on their behalf.

How Is Kingdomly Mint Different?

At Kingdomly Mint, we prioritize inclusivity, enabling individuals of all backgrounds to mint NFTs tailored to their preferences. Unlike platforms with high fees, we operate on a buyer-friendly model, charging a nominal 3% fee per buyer transaction along with a flat $3 fee for each NFT minted.

Through Kingdomly Creator, we're simplifying the NFT minting process, making it more accessible and cost-effective for everyone. Whether you're an NFT hobbyist or a dedicated collector, Kingdomly Creator is your premier destination for minting NFTs.

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