Step 2: Exploring the Mint Page

You've arrived at the place where the fray happens! Let's explore what the Mint Page has

You can visit the collection’s Telegram, Discord, X links here.

2. Mint

This is the section where we do our minting which will be explained in Step 3.

3. Roadmap

Check out the collection’s roadmap here!

4. Team

Get to know the people behind the collection in this section.

5. FAQs

Have the questions you have in common with other minters answered in this section!

6. Eligibility

Here you can check whether your address is included in any of the allowlists or mint groups of the collection

Enter your wallet address in the field and click the button that says “Check”

The results will appear as a modal

7. Music Player

The music player will always be located at the right end of the screen. Click the spinning CD and hit the play button to enjoy the music!

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