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Step-by-Step Guide

Let's kick things off! 🚀
Welcome to the Kingdomly Creator Step-by-Step Guide! This is your magical journey into the world of NFT creation, where even the grandest of dreams can become a digital reality. Our guide will take you by the hand, leading you through every twist and turn of the Kingdomly Creator.
From the moment you sign in, to the thrilling instant you launch your very own NFT collection, we're here to ensure every step is a breeze. You'll learn how to create a new project, personalize it with your unique creative vision, and prepare it for launch into the vast universe of NFTs.
So whether you're an artist bursting with ideas, or simply curious about dipping your toes into the NFT world, our guide makes it fun and easy. By the end of this journey, you'll have transformed from an NFT novice to a full-fledged digital creator, with your very own NFT collection to show for it.
So buckle up, and get ready to unleash your creativity into the blockchain. The Kingdomly Creator is your portal to the future of art and ownership, and this guide is your key. Let's begin this exciting adventure!

Step 0: Start Here, Right Here!

Let's get you started on your NFT creation journey!
Your first destination is our landing page which should look something like the page below. Simply type into your browser and voila, you've arrived!
Kingdomly Creator Front Page
Now you're only a click away from the heart of the action. Look for the button that says "Launch App". That's your magic portal right into the Kingdomly Creator app.
But don't worry if this is your first rodeo, or if you feel like you could use a little more guidance. We've got just the thing for you! See that "Watch Tutorial" button? Give it a click to access an easy-to-follow on-site tutorial. It's like having your own personal Kingdomly tour guide, leading you through every step of the way.
So, seasoned pro or a curious newbie, everyone's welcome here. Let's launch into this exciting adventure of NFT creation! 🎈