Step 1: Projects Page & Creating a New Project

Projects Page + Project Creation

Once you've successfully logged in, you'll land on your projects page. This is your personal creative hub where all your projects live. Since we're creating your first project together, the page will be empty, but not for long!

Click "+ New Collection" to create your own project. After clicking, a pop-up window will appear.

This is where you'll need to fill in some important details about your new NFT collection:

  1. Project Name: This is the name of your project as it will appear in our database and on your projects page. Make it something memorable that you'll easily recognize.

  2. Collection Name: This is the official name of your NFT collection. This will reflect on your smart contract. Choose something that best represents your unique creation.

  3. Collection Symbol: This will be the collection symbol for your NFT collection. This will reflect on your smart contract. It's a short form of your collection name, so make it catchy!

  4. Collection Description: Here you can describe your collection in a few words. This description will appear across all platforms when your collection is launched.

Next up, you'll chose from 3 of our Project Types: One of Ones, Generative, and Import Metadata.

  1. One of Ones: Ideal for individual pieces of art. Choose this option if you want to upload a folder containing the images for each separate NFT you wish to create.

  2. Generative: Suitable for creating a collection of NFTs with variations. In this case, upload a folder of different asset image layers (such as backgrounds, characters, accessories), and our platform will randomly combine these layers to create unique, generative NFTs.

  3. Import Metadata: This feature is usually used by collections that have their own metadata already built. Usually these collections have a more complicated generation process which our platform can't cater at the moment.

File/Folder Structuring is crucial for each project type. Please see the File/Folder Structuring Guide if there are any confusions.

Take your time to fill in these fields. Once you're done, you're ready for the next exciting step in your NFT creation journey!

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