3.2 One of ones/Metadata Projects

Manage and add NFTs here

Step 1: Generate

Welcome to the Generate stage! This is the exciting moment when your unique NFTs are born.

With this type of project, you may not auto generate NFTs but you can Add 1 of 1s to your collection.

Note: File names of the added one of one will be assigned to the attribute "Name" of the metadata.

The Generate page will use your prototype settings and create a real-time grid view of your NFTs. As you watch, your specified traits and variants will randomly combine according to their rarity percentages, and you'll see your unique NFTs populating the grid.

In the mix, you can also add one-of-one pieces to your larger collection. These special items can be individually edited and customized, adding a unique charm to your collection.

To manage individual NFTs, you may choose any of them and edit their metadata on the right-side of the screen. Here's what you can do with individual NFTs:

  • Edit token name, description, and traits

  • Add new traits

  • Delete individual token

  • Swap token position

  • Download token metadata

When you're satisfied with the way your collection looks, click on that arrow again to pull down the progress bar and click on step 3 "Deploy".

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