Step 3: Deploy Your Collection

choose your collections features and deploy your contract

Well done, Creator! You're now on the final stretch of the Kingdomly Creator journey, approaching the launchpad of your NFT collection. This is where you'll interact with your smart contract.

Contract Info

Our journey through the deployment process begins with the Minting section. Here, you'll make important decisions like:

  • Contract Name: This will be the name of your smart contract. Note that the names should not be solidity variable names such as ("test","int","string","contract", etc..).

  • Token Symbol: This will be the token name of your NFTs. Note that it should be max of 5 letters.

  • Public Sale Price: Set the price for public minting an NFT from your collection. Set it to 0 for a free mint. (Kingdomly fees will still be applied)

  • Max Mint Per Wallet: This determines the maximum number of NFTs that any individual wallet can mint from your collection.

  • Collection Description: Give a description to your NFT collection to be shown later on the mint page. Note that this is not connected to the smart contract and may be edited later on the admin page.

  • Payout Address: This is the wallet address where your generated revenue will go to. At default, its the wallet currently logged in.


Moving along, we enter the Features section. This is where you can add special properties to your collection like:

  • Creator Royalties: You may assign a percentage to secondary sales from your collection. (Note: Opensea can bypass creator royalties)

  • Allowlist: This feature enables the owner to implement whitelisted mints within their collection. Enable this and set the amount for each mint group that you desire. (Note: Each mint group can have multiple wallet addresses inside a specific mint group, this will be set up later on the admin page).

  • Airdrop: This feature allows the owner to conduct airdrops on the admin page. (Note: The owner will be charged of the Kingdomly fees per each NFT airdropped).

  • Delegated Mints: This feature allows users to use's services with their mint

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, we'll be regularly adding more features to Kingdomly Creator. Stay tuned for even more ways to customize your NFT collection!

Final Summary

Before we launch your collection, double check the details of your contract. After deployment, you may no longer be able to change the contract.

Choose the chain you want to deploy to. Make sure the wallet you connected has enough funds to cater the gas fees.

Finally, we arrive at the moment of truth - Deploy! All the decisions you've made will now coalesce into the creation of your unique smart contract. With a single click of the "Deploy" button, your NFT collection will spring to life on the blockchain.

That's it, you've done it! Your NFT collection is now live, ready to be appreciated and enjoyed by the world. Congratulations on becoming an official NFT creator! Now lets go set up your mint page.

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