Airdrops serve as a method to incentivize specific wallet owners for various reasons. Whether it's before, during, or after initiating public or group minting, the collection holder can choose to distribute NFTs from the newly created collection to selected wallet addresses.

Adding Addresses and Specifying amounts for Airdrops

Adding addresses eligible for airdrops can be achieved either in batches or individually.

1. Collection Holders Snapshot

This feature fetches addresses from wallets holding at least one NFT of a specific collection and adds them to the airdrop recipient list.


  1. Choose the network of the collection

  2. Specify its address.

  3. Specify the initial amount of NFTs to be airdropped.

  4. Click "Take Snapshot."

The Honey Jar button works the same but it already has predefined parameters and it automatically fetches holders of the Honey Comb collection once clicked.

2. CSV Upload

This option facilitates the batch addition of wallet addresses by uploading a CSV


  1. Click "Upload CSV."

  2. Select the correct file.

  3. Click "Ok."

  4. Specify amount to be airdropped on the quantity fields of each listed wallet.

Ensure each wallet address in the CSV file is comma separated: 0x…………….,0x…………..

  • Additional addresses can be added by scrolling to the end of the list.

  • The amount to be airdropped for each address can be adjusted by specifying the new quantity at the text field at the right end of the individual address.

  • Addresses can be removed from the airdrop recipient list by clicking the “x” button next to the address.

After confirming and double-checking the wallet addresses and their respective airdrop quantities, click the "Send Airdrop" button and proceed to completing the wallet transaction.

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