The allowlisting feature grants special privileges to designated users. It enables the creation of a list of wallet addresses with access to mint groups, which are configured in Step 3 and typically offer customized pricing, such as discounts.

1. Adding Addresses to the Allowlist

Step 1: Choose the Mint Group you want to add the allowlist to.

Step 2: Populate the allowlist with addresses you wish to include.

At Kingdomly, adding addresses to the allowlist is straightforward with three easy methods:

  1. Collection Holders Snapshot - Fetches addresses from wallets holding at least one NFT of a specific collection and adds them to the allowlist. One scenario where this feature is useful is when a collection creator wishes to reward long-time supporters by granting them access to privileged mint groups for a newly launched collection.


    1. Choose the network of the collection.

    2. Specify its address.

    3. Click "Take Snapshot."

    The Honey Jar button works the same but it already has predefined parameters and it automatically fetches holders of the Honey Comb collection once clicked.

  2. CSV Upload - Also allows batch addition of wallet addresses to the allowlist by uploading a CSV file.


    1. Click "Upload CSV."

    2. Select the correct file.

    3. Click "Open."

Ensure each wallet address is comma separated: 0x…………….,0x…………..,0x…………

Once addresses are added, whether through a snapshot or CSV file, they will be listed in the last section.

2. Viewing the Allowlist

  • The Mint Groups are listed on top of the modal. Click the specific mint group you wish to view the allowlist of.

  • Each wallet address can also be removed from the allowlist by clicking the “x” button at the right side of the address you wish to remove.

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