Customize Mint Page

Enhance your Mint Page with details and flair to provide minters with a deeper understanding of your collection or simply elevate their minting experience! Here, you can customize your Mint Page's About, Roadmap, Team, FAQs, Profile, and Music.


The About section offers minters general descriptions of your collection.

  1. Expand the visual appeal by adding more sample images. Click the button and select the desired images.

  2. Modify your collection's description directly on the mint page by clicking the pen icon. Enter your updated description and save by clicking the check icon.

  3. Incorporate links to your collection's Telegram, Discord, and X platforms. Enter the links in the provided fields and save using the check icons.


Share your collection's roadmap to provide minters with insights into future developments. Customize your it by editing, deleting, or adding new points.


  1. Edit Roadmap

  2. Delete Roadmap

  3. Add New Roadmap

  • When adding a new roadmap point, input the Date, Title, and Details.

  • Further elaborate by adding additional bullet points with the "Add another bullet point" button.

  • Finalize by clicking "Add Roadmap."


Highlight your team members and introduce the individuals behind your collection.


  1. Edit Team Member

  2. Delete Team Member

  3. Add new member

  • When adding a new team member, provide their First Name, Last Name, Title, Description, and Image.

  • Save your changes by clicking "Add Member."


Address common questions minters may have by providing FAQs.


  1. Edit FAQ

  2. Delete FAQ

  3. Add new FAQ

Add a new FAQ by completing the question and answer fields and clicking "Add FAQ."


Update your collection's Profile and Banner for more relevant visuals.


  1. Replace Profile

Upload your Square/1:1 Aspect Ratio Image(Recommended) and click save.

  1. Replace Banner

Upload your 3:1 Aspect Ratio Image(Recommended) and click save.


Add further fun to your Mint Page by adding some music to it!


  1. Upload your music by clicking the “Upload Music” button

  • Upload your music in mp3 format by clicking "Upload Music."

  • Wait for automatic saving after the music file is uploaded.

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