Step 1: Setting up your Profile

Let's Establish Your Identity in Guilds!

Within Guilds, you have the freedom to personalize your presence by customizing your profile picture and display name. This allows you to truly express yourself and create a unique identity within the community. Here's how you can do it:

1. Open the Profile Sidebar

Click the top-right icon to open the profile sidebar

2. Changing your Profile Picture

  1. Click on Your Current Profile Picture: Begin by locating your current profile picture and clicking on it. This action will open the profile picture changer modal.

  1. Upload Your Desired Photo: Within the modal, you'll see a button labeled "Upload Photo." Click on this button to initiate the process. This action will open your file explorer, allowing you to select the photo you wish to use as your new profile picture. Once you've chosen the photo, click "Ok" to proceed.

  1. Save Your Changes: After selecting the desired photo, it will be displayed in the modal. Confirm that it's the image you want to use, then click "Save" to apply the changes.

3. Changing your Display Name

  1. Click on Your Current Display Name: Start by locating your current display name and clicking on it. This action will allow you to edit your display name directly.

  1. Enter Your New Desired Display Name: Once you've clicked on your current display name, a text field will appear where you can enter your new desired display name. Type in the name you wish to use.

  1. Click Ok: After entering your new display name, click the "Ok" button to confirm and apply the changes. Your updated display name will then be visible to other members within the Guilds community.

4. Changing Network

  1. Click on Your Current Network Icon or Text: Locate the icon or text representing your current network within Guilds. Click on it to initiate the network change process.

  1. Select Your Desired Network: Upon clicking, a modal will appear, presenting you with a list of available networks to choose from. Select the network you wish to switch to from the options provided.

  1. Complete Wallet Interactions: After selecting the desired network, follow any prompts or instructions to complete the necessary wallet interactions. This may involve confirming the network switch within your connected wallet application.

5. Resyncing Collections

Resyncing provides you with the opportunity to update your access status to any guild page by rescanning all NFTs currently held in your possession. Here's how to do it:

  1. Click the "Resync Collection" button: This will initiate the process of rescanning all NFTs currently associated with your account.

  1. Update Your Access Status: Upon completion of the resync process, your access status to guild pages will be updated based on the NFTs that have been rescanned. This ensures that you have access to any guild pages associated with the NFTs in your possession.

When to Resync

Consider resyncing your collections whenever you buy or mint new NFTs from a collection that has a guild page. This ensures that your access status remains up to date and that you can fully participate in guild activities and discussions.

By following these steps and resyncing your collections as needed, you can ensure that your access to guild pages accurately reflects the NFTs in your possession, enabling you to fully engage with the guild community.

6. Logging Out

To log out of your Guilds account, simply click the logout button. This action will automatically log you out of your account, ensuring the security of your Guilds session.

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