Step 3: Inside Guilds

Great! We're now inside a guild! now let's explore what we can do here.

1. Posting

If the admin of the guild allows posting in the specific guild, anyone will be able to create a post.

To create a post, simply type what's on your mind inside the text area of the post section.

When done, simply click the "Post" button.

See your post be listed along the others!

1. Adding Images

You can optionally add images to your post. We can do this by clicking the image icon under the text area.

Select the Image you want to upload.

Images you can include in a single post is limited to only 3.

Click the "Post button once your post is finalized.

2. Allocation-based Voting

We can also include an allocation-based voting section in our post.

To add one, click the voting icon under the text area of the post section

Fill in the necessary details by supplying the Vote Choices, and Voting Duration. Optionally, we can add more choices for the voting section by clicking the "Add Choice" button.

Click the "Post" button when done and just wait for other Guild members to determine which option rules!

2. Commenting

To comment on a post, click on the post to expand it

Enter your comment on the text area that says "Post your reply"

Once you're happy with your comment, just click the "Post" button so your fellow guild members will be able to read your thoughts!

3. Deleting Comment/Post

If the post or comment is created by you, a trash icon will appear at the top-right side of the post and it will allow you to delete it.

To delete a comment or a post, click the the trash icon

Confirm Deletion

4. Voting

Guild members can participate in allocation-based voting

The allocation of vote allocations you receive within the guild is directly correlated with the quantity of tokens you hold from the collection associated with that guild. In other words, the more tokens you possess from the specific collection tied to the guild, the higher the number of vote allocations allotted to you. This ensures that individuals holding a greater stake in the collection have a proportionate influence on decision-making processes within the guild.

To vote:

1. Allocate your available votes

2. Submit

When allocations are finalized, click the "Submit" button and confirm

Once votes are locked in, you will be unable to change it.

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