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Mint Manager

Mint manager page
Welcome to your Mint Manager - the control panel for your freshly minted NFT collection! This is the place where you have an eagle's eye view of your entire operation and can monitor, manage, and modify all key parameters related to your collection.

Mint Status

Your Mint Manager begins with a visual representation of the Mint Status. You can swiftly see if your mint is "Live" or "Closed". This feature provides an easy toggle option that allows you to control the availability of your collection for minting.

Mint Price

Another crucial detail you can track from your Mint Manager is the Mint Price. You can keep a check on the ongoing price for minting an NFT from your collection.


Your Mint Manager is also your revenue dashboard, displaying the Total Ethereum Earned from the sale of your collection. You can use this real-time financial data to make informed decisions about your minting strategy.

Mint Progress

In the Mint Manager, you'll find a comprehensive Mint Progress bar. This feature showcases the number of NFTs that have been minted compared to the total NFTs in your collection. This helps you understand how your collection is performing and the progress you've made.

Allowlist Manager

The Allowlist Manager section lets you add specific addresses to your allowlist for minting. This means you can grant privileged access to certain addresses to mint your NFTs.

Edit Mint Page Information

Lastly, the Mint Manager provides a quick link to Edit Your Mint Page. This feature empowers you to modify the information displayed on your mint page, ensuring it is up-to-date and matches your current marketing and communication needs.
More Features Coming Soon
Your Mint Manager is your one-stop shop for managing your collection's mint. It gives you control, visibility, and the ability to change key parameters quickly and efficiently. By making use of these tools, you can ensure that your NFT collection meets the goals you set for it and adapts as needed to maximize its success.