Kingdomly Docs


Methods of integration for the Kingdomly marketplace
At Kingdomly, we prioritize a seamless integration experience, making it incredibly easy for developers to incorporate our platform and leverage its powerful features.
Web2 Integration
The easiest way to integrate your collection and enable rental functionality is to simply utilize our Rental Gate REST API endpoints. With a straightforward integration process, you can quickly make your collection rentable and tap into the full potential of our marketplace. For a step-by-step guide on how to query an API, refer to our comprehensive documentation here.
For game developers seeking to integrate our marketplace within their Unity WebGL projects, we provide a specialized Unity WebGL SDK (BETA). This SDK allows for direct integration of our marketplace contracts, ensuring a seamless user experience without redirecting players outside of their game environment. You can access the documentation for our Unity WebGL SDK to explore its features and implementation guidelines. (BETA)
Web3 Integration
In addition to our REST API and SDK, we offer on-chain external functions, allowing contract developers to import or directly interact with us on-chain. By integrating our marketplace into your contracts, you can seamlessly leverage its capabilities and enhance the functionality of your blockchain applications. Detailed documentation for these on-chain functions can be found here.
For advanced developers, our escrow contracts include a Just In Time (JIT) function (BETA) that offers enhanced capabilities. This feature enables users to sign on-chain transactions as the owner of an NFT they are renting through a proxy contract, ensuring secure and efficient transactions. This functionality is akin to how flash loans work and opens up possibilities for more advanced use cases. Please refer to the beta documentation for detailed information on utilizing the JIT function here.